Captain Schoepf Lifeguard Relay

June 11, 2017

On the Beach

7th Street Beach


Event Type: On the beach

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Captain Schoepf Lifeguard Relay - 7th Street Beach, 10am

Capt. Schoepf served as Captain of the Ocean City Beach Patrol from 1987-1996.  In honor of his many years of service to OCBP, this relay is held where a classic steel rescue buoy is passed along by alumni guards and current lifeguards.  This honorary relay begins with a prayer and has been led off by various people that have been influenced by Capt. Schoepf, such as his daughter, his wife, as well as former Beach Patrol members that served under him.  Each year, either a family member or OCBP alumni begin the starting leg of the relay.  This relay is open to the Ocean City Beach Patrol, as well as anyone that has worked for the Beach Patrol in the past or has a personal connection to Capt. Schoepf.  For more information, call 410-289-7556.