Free Family Programs

August 27 - August 29, 2015

Boardwalk Tram Station (just north of the Museum)

Phone: 410-289-4991


Location: Oceanside Boardwalk (Inlet - 27th)

Type: Free Fun

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Free Summer Programs
Programs are held at the Boardwalk Tram Station, just north of the Museum.  Enjoy fun facts and topics.  Great free summer program for the entire family!  A different subject each day.  For more information, contact Sandy at 410-289-4991 or or visit

July 6 - August 29, 2015 at 10:00 a.m. (lasting approximately 30 minutes)


Mondays - O.C.B.C.
OCBC (Ocean City Before Condominiums) takes you back to a time when Ocean City was a quiet fishing village.  Geared for adult OC history buffs and anyone else interested in OC history.

Tuesdays - Beach Safety
Learn how to be safe in the surf and spell your name using semaphore!  The famous Ocean City Beach Patrol is on hand with everything you need to know!

Wednesdays - Knot Tying
Become an expert at nautical knots from a bowline to how to properly secure a cleat with help from the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary.

Thursdays - All About Sharks
Learn the Secrets of these often feared fish.

Fridays - An Island Tail: The Case of the Wild Horses
Join Kelly Taylor, Science Communicator at Assateague Island National Seashore, as we unlock mysteries surrounding Assateague's most popular residents - the wild horses!

Saturdays - Aquarium Feeding
Watch and learn about local marine critters as they have their morning meal.


Camp Hill, PA

Insider since: 2010

Answered: July 3, 2013

Gather the family and head to the Ocean City Life-Saving Station for FREE family programs, starting daily at 10AM, July 1 - August 24.  

Attached is a list of this summer's FREE programs........

Sunday - Delmarva Discovery Center presents "Diary of a Reptile" How do snakes sleep and turtles swim? Find out on Sundays

Monday- Ocean City Beach Patrol presents "Beach Safety" - bring your Beach Questions

Tuesday - Ocean City Before Condominiums "O.C.B.C." - an insightful look into Ocean City's past - presented by George Hurley

Wednesday - "Knot Tying"- Learn how to tie a knot with Don Schaefer and Joe Britvch, members of the Coast Guard Auxiliary. Just bring yourself - ropes and poles supplied

Thursday - "All about Sharks" - find out what sets sharks apart from other fish

Friday - "Storm Warriors" - learn how the valiant members of the US Life-Saving Service earned their keep - certificate and pins awarded to participants

Saturday - Join us to learn about local sea life as our critters get their morning meal in our "Aquarium Feeding" program

All programs last about 1/2 hour and are subject to cancellation due to inclement weather. 

Baltimore, MD

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Answered: July 4, 2013

My daughter loved finding out about sharks. Very informative!

Ocean City, MD

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Answered: July 18, 2013

If you are in town on a Sunday, the Discovery Center has a great program taking place at the Museum.  How do snakes sleep and turtles swim?  They run a different program each day and kids young and old can enjoy. Doin't miss learning how to tye knots either!