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Hi : I've been to OC many..many times and always wondering about the hang gliding I see and can anyone do that?. Would love to try as a first timer myself. Also would like to try the water ski thing too. Who or where do I look for those events?
Submitted by Michael R, Phoenixville Pennsylvania on April 16, 2014
Avatar for  Colleen B
Schwenksville, PA
Insider since: 2011

Yes, you can water ski in OC!  We ski and use the tube on our boat. It is best done in the quiet areas on the bayside like Turville or Herring Creeks or the St. Martins River. You can ski behind a wave runner but will need a spotter facing the skiier. Odyssea Water Sports rents wave runners and boats along with ski equipment. Watersports – jet-ski rentals, scooter rentals, parasailing – Ocean City, MD

Answered: April 16, 2014
Is there very much open on the boardwalk during the week, or is it too early? (Specifically Thurs, Apr 17) Any suggestions for what I should see and do while I'm there? 
Submitted by nancy s, kansas city Missouri on April 15, 2014
Avatar for  Darlene L
Johnstown Pa
Insider since: 2009

If you're hoping for rides and boardwalk games then you will be disappointed. 

But these other things are open:

Some boardwalk shops

Marty's Playland Arcade

Trimper's indoor rides

Trimper's Haunted House (might be only weekends)

Life Saving Station Museum

Planet Maze for laser tag and mini golf

Indoor mini golf at 68th and 136th Streets

Go Carts in West Ocean City

Ocean City Outlets for shopping

Assateague Island and Nature Center

Free zoo in Salisbury

Ice Skating at the Carousel Hotel

Plenty of places to eat, drink, and dance



The Historic Walking Tour of Ocean City (pick up the brochure anywhere in town)

Rent and ride bicycles on the boardwalk

Fly kites on the beach and feed the seagulls!

So you see, there's plenty to keep you busy during the week.  Have fun!

Answered: April 15, 2014
I'm going to Ocean City for my birthday from April 24th-26th. Will the shops/amusement park/rides be open? It'll be a Thursday-Saturday. What should we do for my birthday? Thanks!
Submitted by sarah r, Paulsboro New Jersey on April 14, 2014
Avatar for  Jen B
Westminster, MD
Insider since: 2010

First of all, happy birthday!!

So many things to do in OC, so little time. :)  Since you seem headed for the boardwalk, you might enjoy a meal at Harrison's Harborwatch at the end beside the inlet.  A great drink to celebrate this day is the Rhinestone Lagoon...a fruity drink with island flavors.  They serve up all sorts of seafood, chicken, steak, and pasta dishes. Be sure to go hungry as they also offer unlimited sides.

Another restaurant that is fantastic is the Shark on the Harbor.  Their menu changes daily, I believe, and they use fresh ingredients grown locally that they creatively combine.  If they have it on the menu, I highly recommend the mushroom bruschetta and the mako with gnocchi!

Answered: April 16, 2014
Are the Dew Tour dates set in stone? I need to start planning out my trip now from OREGON. NEED TO KNOW!
Submitted by dave t, portland Oregon on April 14, 2014
Avatar for  Troy F
Hanover, PA 17331
Insider since: 2008

Yes Dave the Dew Tour is back June 26 - 29. It's official.

Answered: April 14, 2014
When does the boardwalk train begin running for the summer season? What can you tell me about it? 
Submitted by Nancy B, Perry Hall Maryland on April 14, 2014
Avatar for  Darlene L
Johnstown Pa
Insider since: 2009

The boardwalk tram runs for Springfest and Sunfest weekends in May and September, and then begins running full time from Memorial Day through Labor Day weekend.  The rest of the time, it is put away.

Tram fare is $3 per person, per boarding, one way ride. Discount fare punch cards are available at $20 for 8 rides. Inquire at either tram station or with a tram conductor.

New unlimited ride pass, which costs $6, a passenger can now get on and off the Boardwalk tram as much as they like between the hours of 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. The unlimited ride pass is only valid on the day of purchase and is not available during Holidays, Holiday Weekends or Special Events. Unlimited ride passes are sold at both north and south tram ticket booths and on any tram.

Please note: The tram operation is subject to prevailing weather conditions. Inclement Weather Notice Or see the station operators or call 410-289-5311 or 410-723-1606 for further information.

Answered: April 14, 2014
Are there any places in Ocean City to buy used bikes?
Submitted by Becky B, Nottingham Maryland on April 14, 2014
Avatar for  Darlene L
Johnstown Pa
Insider since: 2009

Many of the bike rental places have used bikes for sale once a year.  You would need to contact the different companies to find out when their sales will take place.

Occasionally, if you find a bike that you really like, they will work a deal with you while you're there. I have friends who did that and got a nice bike at a good price.

Dandy Don's  (410) 289-2289

OC Bayside Rentals  (410) 289-7112

27th St. Bicycle Rentals  (410) 289-6022

Bike World   (410) 289-2587

Bills Bikes   (410) 289-2155

Answered: April 14, 2014
Visiting in August and was wondering if there are any nite clubs for people in there 40's? 
Submitted by Beverly L, Connellsvillle Pennsylvania on April 14, 2014
Avatar for  Troy F
Hanover, PA 17331
Insider since: 2008

Yes Beverly, there are a few places that a 40 year old like me can enjoy. Look into 

not night clubs but I enjoy these places

Fish Tales

Frog Bar

Marina Deck

Night clubs, try these hot spots in Ocean City


DeLazy Lizard

Have fun

Answered: April 14, 2014
There used to be a bonfire night. Do you know of anywhere that still hosts one on a special night of the week?
Submitted by coco l, phila Pennsylvania on April 10, 2014
Avatar for  Karl S
Centreville, VA
Insider since: 2010

The weekly Bonfires on the Beach was discontinued a few years ago and replaced by other activities. There is no similar regularly scheduled event I know of, but there is a one time Family Bonfire on the Beach planned for 6 June at 130th Street. Get more info on it here.

However, there are significant FREE events pretty much everyday in OC during the summer including fireworks, Sundaes in the Park (small fee for ice cream, but free entertainment), museum talks, Family Beach Olympics, Movies (look here, here, and here), Concerts (look here and here), and more!

Keep watching OC's events page for more specifics on fun (often free) activities available throughout the summer.

Answered: April 10, 2014
We will be there in July for our bi-annual family vacation to OC ! It happens to be my parents 47th wedding anniversary as well. I want to do something fun and unexpected as a surprise, besides a nice meal out, any ideas? ( is there a way to put an announcement on one of those sign boats that cruise the water?) anything else fun like that? Thanks!
Submitted by S A, GR Michigan on April 9, 2014
Avatar for  Bill A
Linthicum MD and OC MD
Insider since: 2008


What a great and thoughtful idea.  You can also try the airplane banner advertising.  Click here for more info. 

A couple of dinner ideas.

1.  Fresco's on the bay.  82nd St.  410-524-8202.  Give them a call first and ask if they can do anything special.  The management team at Fresco's is very accomodating.  The food is great.  Make sure you go there before sunset to witness one of OC's million dollar sunset views. 

2.  Harrison's Harbor Watch.  boardwalk and inlet.  410-289-5121  Call in advance and see if they can reserve their elevation king and queen seating.  It offers a great view.  Kevin Kline sat there once  and of all things, he order fried chicken instead of seafood.  (I had the chance to serve him)

Answered: April 9, 2014
What are average temperatures in Sept. and Oct.?
Submitted by Jim E, Zanesville Ohio on April 7, 2014
Avatar for  Karl S
Centreville, VA
Insider since: 2010

Average temperatures are for the beginning of September are:

   Average: 74°F

   Average High: 85°F

   Average Low: 62°F

For the end of September and beginning of October they are:

   Average: 65°F

   Average High: 77°F

   Average Low: 53°F

For the end of October they are:

   Average: 55°F

   Average High: 67°F

   Average Low: 43°F

Answered: April 7, 2014