Fight the Bite 5K

May 12, 2018

Inlet Lot and Boardwalk

809 S. Atlantic Ave.


Event Type: On the Boardwalk

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The 3rd Annual Fight the Bite 5K Run/Walk is a fundraising event providing information and prevention on Lyme Disease while educating the public about the short and long term effects of an illness that is indemic in Worcester County.  The Fight the Bite 5K will begin and end on the boardwalk at the south west end of the boards and Inlet parking lot.  Registration, stage, and festivities will be set up adjacent to the south west tram station.

The good health of our families and ourselves is our most valued asset. In our area, a danger to that asset is lurking. Whether there are children on a sports field, a family hiking or camping, your favorite outdoorsman hunting or fishing, yourself or your spouse golfing on one of our county’s beautiful courses, or gardening in your own yard, all of these activities expose us to the most common vector borne disease: Borrelia Burgdorferi, more commonly known as Lyme Disease. The odds are high that you already know someone who has been impacted by tick borne illness.  Odds are higher that there are people with this illness that are unaware of its existence.

Did you know that Lyme Disease often comes with additional “co- infections” that makes it even more difficult to diagnose and treat? We are passionate about raising awareness and educating the community on ways to protect themselves from and identify the signs of tick related illness. We are asking for your help. We will do the heavy lifting, starting with a Lyme Disease Awareness 5K, Saturday, May 12, 2018. This event will help raise funds to provide free educational materials to the public as well as billboards and a website address to refer to for current information about diagnosis and treatment. With the proper steps, we all can be safer from this insidious disease.

For more information, contact Angela Burke at 410-443-0700 or