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Where is the camera to watch the people walking on the beach'?
Submitted by Linda H, Shippensburg Pennsylvania on October 6, 2014
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Avatar for  Karl S

Centreville, VA

Insider since: 2010

Answered: October 6, 2014

There are several web cameras where you can see the beach, although at this time of year there are fewer and fewer people walking on the beach. Here are a few of my favorite webcams in OC:

Castle in the Sand Cam (37th Street):

Park Place Cam (2nd Street):

Spinnaker Cam (18th Street):

It's not on the beach, but I really watching the boardwalk from this cam at Marty's Playland:

These are my favorites, but there are plenty other webcams scattered around town too. I'm sure the other OCIs will share their favorites too!

Can you please tell me if the boat races are in town this weekend or have they been moved to Solomons Island?
Submitted by Michelle G, Selbyville Delaware on October 2, 2014
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Avatar for  Tara P

Ocean City, MD

Insider since: 2009

Answered: October 3, 2014

They are in Southern Maryland now.  This weekend you can catch all opf the corvettes in town.

Where can we park a second car - overnight for a few days?
Submitted by Connie C, Ewing New Jersey on October 1, 2014
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Avatar for  Karl S

Centreville, VA

Insider since: 2010

Answered: October 1, 2014

You should have no trouble finding a place to park. Most of the side streets have plenty of parking. North of 10th Street these parking spots are free year round, and at this time of year they may be free south of 10th Street too. I've often left cars parked on side streets for several days at a time with no issues. The most important thing is to look at the posted signs. Some streets have a few hours a week when parking is prohibited to allow for trash pickup, street cleaning, and similar activities.

Will the inlet parking lot be open for parking on Oct 4th ?? Or is it just for the corvettes??
Submitted by Deborah C, St.Michaels Maryland on September 29, 2014
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Avatar for  Darlene L

Johnstown Pa

Insider since: 2009

Answered: September 29, 2014

It will be closed. There will be Corvette shows held there, then around 2:30 they will begin to arrive for the boardwalk parade at 4 p.m.  If you have a Corvette or just like to look, the boardwalk parade shouldn't be missed. We've driven the boardwalk twice and hope to bring our newest one this weekend to show it off too!  The weekend is a lot of fun.

What are the best golf courses in OC?
Submitted by Maggi G, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania on September 29, 2014
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Avatar for  Karl S

Centreville, VA

Insider since: 2010

Answered: September 29, 2014

The "Best" courses really depend on what you are looking for. There are lots of really great courses in the OC area. If you are looking for a more professional course try any of these:

Lighthouse Sound - Great course, excellent views of the coastal bays and of North OC.

Rum Point -Excellent scenic course overlooking the coastal bays and Assateague.

Glen Riddle's  Man 'O War and War Admiral also consistently get very positive reviews.

There are many other excellent courses in the area too. Find out more about OC's many courses here.

If you are looking for a quick play executive type course, Salt Pond in nearby Bethany Beach, Delaware is a great option.

Have fun golfing in OC!

What are the dates for Sunfest 2015? What can I look forward to seeing? 
Submitted by Scott C, Annapolis Maryland on September 24, 2014
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Avatar for  Darlene L

Johnstown Pa

Insider since: 2009

Answered: September 24, 2014

Hi Scott, the dates for next year's Sunfest festival are September 24th - 27th, 2015. As always, you can enjoy the crafts, the food, outstanding musical entertainment, and as always.........Ocean City's world famous boardwalk.  The Kite Festival goes on at the same time a little further up the boardwalk to enjoy as well.  Keep checking Ocean City's official website to keep up to date with all events all summer and for announcements about who will be performing at

Planning a high school Senior Trip. Are the amusement parks (venues) open in mid-Apirl? - Thank you
Submitted by Carlos B, Warwick New York on September 24, 2014
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Avatar for  Bill A

Linthicum MD and OC MD

Insider since: 2008

Answered: September 24, 2014

Hi Carlos,

April is a great timne to visit OC.  Although the water is cold, the weather may be a little warmer.  Any senior would have a great time whether the rides are open or not. 

As mentioned, some rides may be open on the weekend.  But, there is so much more to do.  For example.

1.  Old Pro Mini Golf will be open and they have two indoor locations open on 68th and 136th Sts if it is too cold or raining outside.  Be sure to grab a money saving coupon out of one of the local coupon bools that are located practically everywhere in OC.

2.  The arcades on the boardwalk should also be open.  These are the type of arcades with skee ball and other games where you can win tickets to trade in for cheap prizes.  The two Old Pro mini golf places mentioned above also have mini arcades where you can win tickets o trade in for prizes as well.  One of the prizes you can win is a free game of mini golf at Old Pro.  Also, there is another nice Arcade called Planet Maze on 33rd St.

3. Pre-arrange a scavenger hunt with prizes such as a complete non broken seashell, a rock (Somewhat hard to find in OC), a crab shell, a cheap OC souvineer that says OC on it, a napkin imprinted with an OC business, a plastic cup imprinted with an OC Coupon, an old pro coupon, a cheap ashtray(nearly impossible to find), a business card from a local business in OC, an arcade prize ticket, a selfie with a food cook from a restaurant in OC, etc.  You can get creative on this.  We did this a few years back after college and our group had a blast!

4. Sand sports.  A game of wiffle ball, frisbee, football, tag, volleyball, etc.

5. Northside Park up on 125th St.  Great park with a playground, work out pavillion, pier, trails and ball fields.

6.  Ice Skating at the Carousel Hotel up on about 118th St.

7. Kite Flying - there is always a breeze in OC on the beach.  You can get cheap nice kites at Michaels Craft Stores or other craft stores.

8.  Many hotels have indoor swimming pools.

When did Seacrets open? 
Submitted by Bill d, Ellicott city Maryland on September 22, 2014
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Avatar for  Bill A

Linthicum MD and OC MD

Insider since: 2008

Answered: September 23, 2014

Hi Bill,

Seacrets in OC has an interesting history.  It is owned by Leighton Moore who is now 62 years old.  His family owned the Gateway Motel in OC for years.  When Leighton was younger, he quit school, got his GED in 1960 and went off to Jamaica.  He loved (and loves) being near the beach and ocean.  But Jamaica was a little too far from his first love, OC, so he came back to OC to help run the family business which he eventually inherited.  With his love of the beach and his knowledge of running a business, he decided to open a restaurant/club directly on the beach on 49th St called the "Ocean Club" back in the early 80s.  Life was good.  Business was great.  Good times were always happening at the Ocean Club as the commercial so rightly said badck in the day on radio stations like 100KHI which played 75% commercials and 25% pop music in the 80s.  The Ocean Club was one of the hosts for the best body on the beach contests which were popular in OC.  Leighton eventually sold his business to Dr Lenny Berger.  Dr Berger is known for owning the Sheraton on 101st St which is currently the OC Clarion.  He also owns several other properties in OC including the Marigot Condominiums.  The Ocean Club is currently located inside the Clarion.

Now...What the heck does all of this have to do with Seacrets???  Hold on, I am getting to that part of the story.  But first a word from our sponsor:  (Check in to OC in the fall.  It's still happening.  

OK, we are back.  OK.  Like I said, Leighton sold his business to Dr. Berger and as a result, he had to sign a non compete clause as to not open a similar business for one year.  This gave Leighton the time to build his dream club on the bay which is known as "Seacrets"  It was a small bar which held about 100 people and was known for it's beautiful sunsets.  It was the best kept "Seacret" in OC known mostly to locals.  Bayfront bars and restaurants were not as popular back in the 80s as everyone wanted to be "oceanfront"  But with the amazing bay and sunset views, a few local businesses decided to capitalize on the idea including Fager's Island in the late 70s with their signature 1812 overture to celebrate the nightly sunset and a few years later, BJs.  Now also we have Macky's, Fishtales, De Lazy Lizard, and a host of other bay front restaurants and bars to celebrate the beauty of OC's million dollar bay sunset views.  Seacrets almost never happened.  Leighton had high hopes and aspirations to make the bar feel like a Jamaican waterfront paradise but money was running short and he didn't have the cash flow like he did when he owned the Ocean Club.  It was a tough time for Leighton and he almost lost it all.  Here's where Dr. Berger comes back into Leighton's life.  He graciously wrote a check for $60k to help Leighton complete his venture.  As usual, it started with a handshake, like in the good ole days.  Leighton thinks of Dr Berger as a father figure and has pubically stated that a sthe two are friends. 

Well, as you probably figured out, a bar as cool as Seacrets couldn't stay a seacret fo too long and friends told friends who told friends and so on.  Well now Leighton had another problem called supply and demand.  So he expanded, expanded, and expanded again to where Seacrets is one of the most popular ranked bar/restaurants in the US.  Where the parking lot is now used to have an Alaska Stand restaurant and a popular go-kart track.  Leighton still takes the Jamaican influence seriously as every year, he brings in 20 trucks to uproot the palm trees and tropical plants that had died over the winter and replant them with new tropical plants and trees imported in from Florida.

Now Seacrets can accomodate up to 4,00 people and covers over 6 acres, has it's own radio station,'s still growing!

Now... You know the rest of the story!

Where do recommend to park if you are visiting for only 1 day? Is there any free parking?
Submitted by Eric S, Elyria Ohio on September 22, 2014
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Avatar for  Darlene L

Johnstown Pa

Insider since: 2009

Answered: September 22, 2014

There is free parking on any of the back streets on the bay side of town close to the inlet.  You will have to walk a couple of blocks to the boardwalk, but it's worth it.  Or  you can park for free at the West Ocean City Park and Ride on Rte 50 and ride the shuttle into town for $3. The cost is for a ride all day pass so you can ride as many times as you want all day long.

What restaurants are open now and all winter?
Submitted by Bonnie F, Queenstown Maryland on September 22, 2014
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Avatar for  Savas K

Hunt Valley and Ocean City

Insider since: 2010

Answered: September 23, 2014

Hi Bonnie, here is the list from last year.  Call before going, just to confirm:

Inlet to 32nd Street, West Ocean City & Ocean Pines

32 Palm (Hilton Hotel) – 32nd St & Oceanfront – 410-289-6444 (open year round including Christmas)

Adolfo’s – 1301Atlantic Ave - 410-289-4001 (open Wed-Sat)

Alex’s-Osteria Fraschetti - Route 50 – 410-213-7717 (open 7 days a week; closed Christmas Day)

Buxy’s Salty Dog, 27th St & Philadelphia Ave. – 410-289-0973 (closed Christmas Day)

Captain’s Galley II - 21817 Harbor Road (West O. C.) - 410-213-2525 (closed January; reopens President wkend)

Coins Pub - 2820 Coastal Hwy - 410-289-3100 (open year round – closed Thanksgiving & Christmas)

Coral Reef – 17th St & Bdwk – 410-289-6388 (open year round – 7 days a week)

Crab Alley - 9703 Golf Course Road (West O. C) - 410-213-7800 (open year round)

Embers - 24th Street & Philadelphia Ave - 410-289-3322  (closed day after Thanksgiving reopens Valentine’s Day)

Greene Turtle – Rt 611 (West O.C.) 410-213-1500 (open year round; closed Thanksgiving & Christmas)

Harborside – West Ocean City – 410-213-1846 (closed Thanksgiving and Christmas Day)

Harrison’s Harbor Watch - South Bdwk & Inlet - 410-289-5121 – (open Thursday through Sunday)

Laytons’s - 1601 Philadelphia Ave - 410-289-6635 (closed February 1 – reopen April)

McDonald’s - 32nd Street - 410-723-4248 (closed Thanksgiving and Christmas)

Outback Steak House - 12741 Ocean Gateway (West O. C.) - 410-213-2595 (closed Thanksgiving & Christmas)

Ruth’s Chris Steak House – Rt 50 (Glen Riddle) – 410-213-9444- open all year  (closed Christmas Day)

Shark– Sunset Ave (West Ocean City) – 410-213- 0924- (open 7 days a week)

Sunset Grille – Sunset Ave (West Ocean City) –  410-213-8110 (closed Thanksgiving Day & Christmas Day)

Victorian Room - 28th Street & Oceanfront (Dunes Manor Hotel) - 410-289-1100 (open 365 days)

Whiskers  - 410-208-3922 (Ocean Pines) – (closed Thanksgiving & Christmas)


33rd Street to 90th Street


Atrium Café - 54th Street (Quality Inn) - 410-723-1646 (open year round)

Bagels-n-Buns - 71st Street & Coastal Hwy - 410-723-BAKE (open year round)

Bayside Skillet - 77th Street & Coastal Hwy - 410-524-7950 (7 days a week – except Christmas)

BJ’s on the Water - 115 75th Street - 410-524-7575 (closed Christmas Eve & Christmas Day)

Bonfire Rest - 77th St & Coastal Hwy - 410-524-7171 (open weekends - closed for Xmas; open NewYear’s Eve)

Burger King - 33rd Street & Coastal Hwy - 410-289-3713 (open year round; closed Christmas Day)

Dead Freddies 64th St & Bay – 410-524-3733 – open year round

Dough Roller - 41st Street & Coastal Hwy - 410-524-9254 (open 7 days)

Dumser’s – 49th St & Coastal Hwy – 410-524-1588 (closed week before Christmas)   

Fager’s Island - 60th Street & Bay - 410-524-5500 (open Christmas Eve – open Christmas Day – Bar only - at 5 pm)

Finnigan’s Pub - 48th Street (Princess Bayside) - 410-723-2900 (closes in November reopens  March)

Galaxy 66- 6601 Coastal Hwy - 410-723-6762 (closed Thanksgiving & Christmas Eve & Christmas Day)

Fresco’s - 83rd Street & Coastal Hwy - 410-524-8202 (closed Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Year)

J/R’s – 62nd St – 410-524-7427 (open Fri/Sat in November – open Xmas Week – re-open Jan.)

La Hacienda - 80th Street & Coastal Hwy - 410-524-8080 (open Wednesday through Sunday)

Lighthouse Sound – St. Martins Neck Rd (Bishopville) – 410-352-5250 (closed Christmas Day)

Little House of Pancakes – 74th St Bayside – 410-520-0407 (7am-2pm year round – closed Christmas Day)

Papa John’s - 33rd Street & Coastal Hwy - 410-524-1300 (closing Nov. – open in April)

   Reflections - 67th Street (Holiday Inn) - 410-524-5252 (open year round including Christmas Day)

   Ristorante Antipasti - 33rd Street & Coastal Hwy - 410-289-4588

   Satellite Coffee Shop – 46th St & Coastal Hwy – 410-723-1426 (open year round – weekends in Jan.)

   Seacrets - 49th Street & Bay - 410-524-4900 (starting in Nov open Thursday through Sunday)

   Sterlings – 67th St (Holiday Inn) – 410-524-1600 (open year round)


    91st Street to 146th Street


   Bull on the Beach - 94th St & Coastal Hwy - 410-524-2455 (closed Thanksgiving & Christmas)

   Denny’s Restaurant - 112th Street (Comfort Inn) - 410-723-5214 (open 365 days) 

   Duffy’s – 129th St & Coastal Hwy – 410-250-1449 (open 7 days)

   Dumser’s Restaurant - 12305 Coastal Hwy - 410-250-5543 (closed Christmas Eve & Christmas Day only)

   Greene Turtle - 11601 Coastal Hwy - 410-723-2120 (open year round including Christmas Day)

   Harpoon Hanna’s - 142nd Street & Bay - 800-227-0525 (open year round)

   Horizon’s - 101st Street (Clarion Hotel) - 410-524-3535 (open Christmas Day & year round)

   JR’s Ribs - 131st St & Coastal Hwy - 410-250-3100 (open Thursday – Monday)

   Lombardi’s  - 94th Street & Coastal Hwy - 410-524-1961 ( ½ price pizza on Tuesday; closed Wednesdays)

   McDonald’s - 123rd Street & Coastal - 410-250-5454 (open Thanksgiving /closed Christmas)

   Nick’s Original House of Ribs - 144th Street - 410-250-1984 (closed Thanksgiving & Christmas)

   Pizza Hut – 132nd St &  - 410 250 – 3288 (closed Christmas)

   Olive Tree - 126th Street -410-250-8008

               Schooners – 91st Street (Princess Royale) - 410-524-7777 (Open 365 days)

   Seasons – 118th St (Carousel Hotel) 410-524-1000 - Breakfast 7 – 11am; Supper 4 – 10pm

   Skyline - 138th Street (Fenwick Inn) - 410-250-1867 (closed Christmas)

   Tequila Mockingbird – 129th St 410-250-4424 (closed Tuesdays & Wednesday)

   Whiskers – 118th St – 410-524-2609 – (closed Thanksgiving & Christmas)




                                              BUFFETS OPEN DURING THE WINTER SEASON:


       The Bonfire:  7009 Coastal Highway. 410-524-7171. –

       Open Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Will close for a few weeks late December. Reopen

       New Year’s Eve for weekends only. Will probably add Thursdays around mid March.

       Full weeks may start in May.


       Horizons Restaurant: 10100 Coastal Highway (inside the Clarion Fountainebleau Hotel.)

       410-524-3535. – Open on Fridays and Saturdays. Buffet closing in January.

       Plan to reopen around Valentine’s Day for weekends only. May open for full week service in June.

       Regular restaurant service is available all year.


       Schooners Oceanfront Restaurant & Lounge: 9100 Coastal Highway (inside the Princess Royale.)

      410-524-7777. – Dinner buffets on Thursday and Fridays. Breakfast buffets

      on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays including Brunch buffets on Sundays. Full Daily service to resume

      the end of June.


This is not a complete listing. This list is subject to change. For more information please call

            the individual restaurants or check the local newspapers.