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We want to get married on the 4th of July. Where do you think is the most romantic and beautiful location for an evening wedding/ceremony on the beach?
Submitted by Kerri M, Pen Argyl Pennsylvania on January 26, 2015
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Avatar for  Bill A

Linthicum MD and OC MD

Insider since: 2008

Answered: January 26, 2015

Hi Kerri,

When I am on the beach in OC, I am usually right in fron of the Carousel Hotel up near 118th St.  I have seen a fair share of weddings performed there.  Usually, sponsred by the Carousel.  But that being said, if you do not want to pay for the chairs, etc, I have seen weddings right next dooe at the Fountainhead.  In fact, I was the photographer at one of those weddings. 

We were planning on coming down there for our spring break, the third week in April. Is everything open then? Is it a good time to visit?
Submitted by Carly B, brewster Massachusetts on January 26, 2015
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Avatar for  Bill A

Linthicum MD and OC MD

Insider since: 2008

Answered: January 26, 2015

Hi Carly,

Spring is a great time to visit OC.  Hopefully, the weather will be warm!  It is hit or miss with the weather.  Last spring break it was cold but previous years, we have seen temps reaching the 70s.  Regardless of the weather, there will be plenty of places open.  From Old Pro Miniature Golf indoor and some outdoor locations, boardwalk arcades, and even the indoor rides at Trimpers on the weekend.  Restaurants and shoppes will be open as well all over town.  Seashells will be more plentiful in the spring as there are less people on the beach to pick them up before you.  The ocean will still be operating like it is in the summer, just a bit colder though.  But the milluion dollar sunrise views will still be there as well as the million dollar sunset views on bayside.  Be sure to dine at Fagers Island at sunset for an amazing sunset experience. 

I've never been to the beach before. I'll be honeymooning at OC in August. I'm really excited and was just wondering what some of you take on your beach trips? I know personal toiletries are always a must and camera but what else other than that? What's some things you know you'll use for sure while at the beach? Also, if someone could tell me what hotels are nice, resonable and clean. Found a Holiday Inn that is $57 a night but i don't know how close it is to everything.
Submitted by bethany m, SALIX Pennsylvania on January 22, 2015
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Avatar for  Karl S

Centreville, VA

Insider since: 2010

Answered: January 22, 2015

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!

If the place you looked at is the Holiday Inn at either 17th or 67th Street, these are both great locations directly on the beach. There is also a Holiday Inn express at 126th Street that is a couple of blocks from the beach. They are all are great choices. There is a brand new Holiday Inn in West Ocean City. I am sure it is very nice, but if you stay there, you will need to drive to OC and the beach. It is about 3 miles outside of OC. None of these places will likely be $57 in August!

As far as other options of places to stay, my top recommendation is always The Dunes Manor. It is very nice, reasonably priced, with all oceanfront rooms. For some more ideas of other  places I recommend across a broad range of price points and options, checkout this thread.

As far as what to bring, it is the usual stuff, plus suntan lotion, beach chairs and equipment, a beach towel, a hat, sunglasses, and a book to read on the beach. Ocean City is pretty casual, so there is no need to bring real fancy clothes. You are fine at even the nicest places with a pair of decent shorts and a golf or similar shirt. There is a WalMart on Route 50 a few miles outside of OC, and you can always pickup anything else you might need there too.

Also, I hate to break some bad news, but the $57 rate is most likely for nights in January and Febraury (now). Typical room rates for the Holiday Inn Oceanfront in August are $250 to $400 per night.

Have a great honeymoon in OC!

We will be staying at Sunset Island in June. Is there a place on the beach near 67th street that will rent chairs and umbrellas (so we don't have to carry them from Sunset Island)? Also, does this part of the beach have a lifeguard?
Submitted by Caity T, Venetia Pennsylvania on January 22, 2015
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Centreville, VA

Insider since: 2010

Answered: January 22, 2015

My family has a place at Sunset Island. I am sure you will really enjoy it there!

Yes, there are places to rent chairs, umbrellas, and other equipment on the beach. As soon as you cross over the dunes you will see blue boxes (pictured below) with umbrellas around them. You can rent from them.

As far as lifeguard, the entire stretch of beach in OC, including where you will be, is fully guarded from the end of May until the end of September. OC has one of the best beach patrol organizations in the world.

Have fun in OC this June!

What is the date for the 2015 bulk pick-up?
Submitted by Dianne C, Ocean City Maryland on January 21, 2015
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Avatar for  Darlene L

Johnstown Pa

Insider since: 2009

Answered: January 21, 2015

Hi Dianne,

The dates for the spring pick up are April 11 and 12, 2015.  For more information you can call 410-524-0318

Does anyone know the exact dates for Senior Week 2015 yet? I'm looking to book my family's week now, but do not want to book during Senior Week.
Submitted by Kelly H, Waxhaw North Carolina on January 20, 2015
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Warrenville, IL

Insider since: 2011

Answered: January 21, 2015

There is no realy week per se. When I graduated we were there the first week in June but I have known other high schools to let out around the middle of the month so by the third week in June, things have pretty much calmed down. 

Does OC allow vaping with e cigarettes on the boardwalk?
Submitted by Joy F, fruitland Maryland on January 16, 2015
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Avatar for  Darlene L

Johnstown Pa

Insider since: 2009

Answered: January 16, 2015

Actually it does NOT.

This is from the Delmarva Now newspaper, January 13, 2015.

Restrictions begin May 1, 2015

If you smoke e-cigarettes, you're not exempt.

Council members all agreed, unofficially, that the ban would encompass vaping. According to Recor, extensive research shows that Electronic Smoking Devices could prove harmful when it comes to secondhand smoke exposure.

"There are so many people who use those, they are very quick to tell you that it's water vapor," said Councilman Wayne Hartman. "I didn't mind them being around me until I read this information. So, it's definitely not water vapor. I encourage everybody to research for themselves that's included in that."

And, for anyone who expects they'll just complain to lifeguards about smokers who ignore the new beach rules, you're out of luck. Lifeguards are supposed to keep their eyes on the ocean, and won't be asked or expected to enforce smoking regulations, according to the city manager.

Where to smoke

The plan calls for putting dozens of orange metal barrels along the town's 10 miles of beaches, which will serve as receptacles for discarded butts. Smoking will be restricted to within 15 feet of each 22-gallon barrel.

Specifically, the plan calls for 38 barrels from the Inlet to 28th Street, 58 barrels from 28th Street to 85th Street, and 50 barrels from 86th Street to 146th Street. It also calls for replacement of beach entry signs on oceanfront street ends, including a message that reflects the new smoking restrictions.

Implementation of the plan would cost $40,000 for materials and supplies. Costs would be subsidized by a $18,762 grant from the Maryland Cancer Fund and a $19,345 grant from the state Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.

Asking beach-goers to use the designated ashtrays could have an immediate positive environmental impact, according to Marty Pusey with the Worcester County Health Department. She said studies show that smoking-related debris account for 38 percent of debris collected from beaches, rivers, and streams.

Council concerns

Where to place ashtrays on the Boardwalk also was a point of contention. The plan calls for putting 15 knee-high stone ashtrays, every few blocks along the 2.25-mile Boardwalk, on the wooden platforms leading from the boards to the beach.

Councilman Wayne Hartman, whose home is directly on the Boardwalk, says he's concerned that smoking areas would be placed at any beach entry points.

"What we're doing is encouraging – or mandating – that families drag their kids through the crowd of smoke, as opposed to possibly randomly passing somebody on the Boardwalk," he said. "I really see this as a detriment to what we're trying to accomplish."

Councilwoman Mary Knight noted how designated smoking areas would be located immediately next to beach stand operators, leaving the teens and 20-somethings who work the rental stand continuously exposed to secondhand smoke.

People got used to no smoking in restaurants and bars, and they'll get used to this in the same way, said Council President Lloyd Martin.

"Everybody's saying the same thing, we just wanna get there," he said. "We want to do it the same way, together, so we have one voice out there. We just have to get them used to what they're going to do on the beach."

Reach reporter Brian Shane by e-mail at, by phone at (410) 213-9442, or @bwshane on Twitter.

I am thinking of spending a week in Ocean City with my husband who is disabled, my son and daughter in law and young son. I don't want a really busy area like near the Boardwalk, but would like someplace that we can park the car and walk to most things. Do you have an area that you would recommend to me, like a street area?
Submitted by sue n, fairport New York on January 13, 2015
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Avatar for  Karl S

Centreville, VA

Insider since: 2010

Answered: January 13, 2015

I recommend staying either right near 28th Street, or between 40th and 80th Streets.

Near 28th Street (the Dunes Manor is a great choice if you are looking for a place to stay), you can walk to a bunch of restaurants, Jolly Rogers, and several mini golf courses. You are also just a block from the north end of the boardwalk. It is much quieter here than at the south end of the boardwalk.

I also really like the area between 40th and 80th Street. At around 67th Street you can walk to mini golf, shopping, several restaurants, and a grocery store. This is the area where I stay most often, and it is an excellent midtown location. There is lots to do, lots to walk to, the beach is not too crowded, and it is easy to get around the city from here.  (Holiday Inn Oceanfront is great choice for a hotel in this area). I have 4 kids, and they often go out to mini golf or get ice cream or similar when we stay in this part of town.

All of these areas have plenty of free side street parking, and both hotels I recommended have free parking for guests.

Have fun in OC!

I am wanting to plan trip around June 7-11 of 2015. There are 4 adults and 3 young children. I will also be 8 months pregnant. We will be coming from Indiana. I am trying to find the best approach of how to plan a vacation. I would like to find some sort of package that includes accommodations, amusements, events and so on. Do you have any recommendations for where I can find something like this? Thank you in advance!
Submitted by Amanda P, Richmond Indiana on December 31, 2014
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Insider since: 2019

Answered: January 1, 2015

Hello! You will really enjoy your OC vacation!  The first thing I suggest it this you send for a free Vacation Guide. This is a great way to begin you planning. Second, is another good way to find information in an easy and user-friendly way.

There are many options you can choose from. Renting a condo is a good choice if you are planning a week long stay. All of the comforts of home. You can choose from oceanfront, oceanside, bayfront or side street accommodations. Many choices in all price ranges. I use Long and Foster. The site is easy to use and you can book online.

If you are looking for a hotel that offers lots of amenities I suggest The Carousel.

Great spot for families with plenty of activities for kids. It is oceanfront with two pools, a hot tub and even an ice skating rink! They offer standard rooms, efficiencies and condos as well. It is located in the more quiet north end of OC.

Another good choice for families is The Castle in the Sand. They have many of the same amenities as the Carousel, no skating rink, but is closer to the more active downtown.

Another option that I think is perfect for families of young children is the Francis Scott Key Resort just over the Rt 50 bridge in West O. They have great facilities like an onsite restaurant, mini golf, a playground, a pirate theme splash zone, two pools, an indoor mini water park and new this summer an outdoor water park. They even offer a free beach shuttle that takes you and all of your stuff, drops you right at the beach and picks you up at the end of the day! No parking hassles! I have stayed there many times. The beds have Tempur-Pedic mattresses as well. Since it is just out of town, it is a bit more affordable too.

Have fun planning you vacation!

What will be open to do from January 3 - 4, 2015?
Submitted by tina l, altoona Pennsylvania on December 30, 2014
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Centreville, VA

Insider since: 2010

Answered: December 31, 2014

You should find plenty to do. I was in OC Last weekend and near the southern end of the boardwalk about 60% of the shops were open. Most expected to be open again this weekend, especially if the weather is decent. Boardwalk favorites  Thrasher's Fries, Dumser's ice cream, Fisher's popcorn (my favorite!), Candy Kitchen were all open last weekend and are almost always open on the weekends year round. Lots of other stuff around town was open too.Here are a few more ideas of things to do:

Checkout the Winterfest of Lights at Northside Park at 125th Street.

Take a Horse and Carriage Ride along the Boardwalk. It is just $10 per person. They leave from just south of the pier building.

Take a trip to the Art League Gallery on 94h Street. I go here almost every time I am in town. Their exhibits change monthly, and I always find something interesting to look at there.

Go play some mini golf a one of Old Pro's indoor courses. Both the 68th and 136th Street indoor courses are open on weekends (68th Street is open everyday year round).

Play some Laser Tag at Planet Maze on 33rd Street.

Take a drive down to Assateague. Checkout the Visitor's Center right before crossing onto the island. Dive in the free area to see some of the horses, and if you like to walk and it is a nice day check out some of th hikes in the fee area.

If you like history and it is a nice day, consider a drive up to Fort Miles in Lewis Delaware to see the restored Coastal Defenses and go up in one of the Fire Control Towers.

Checkout the interesting shops in nearby Berlin.

If you like Beer, enjoy some great local micro brews. OC Brewing at 56th Street is open year round and their are several micro breweries nearby.

Stop by the Convention Center Visitors Center at 40th Street for more ideas and a list of great restaurants that are open in the off season, including the list with many great daily specials offered.

Have fun in OC next weekend!