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Can you recommend accommodations for new graduates?
Submitted by Melissa A, Flintstone, Maryland April 13, 2018
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Hunt Valley and Ocean City

Insider since: 2010

Answered: April 14, 2018

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You can also try and do a search for Ocean City Senior Week and a large number of rentals will show up in the search.  I like to set the city to Baltimore or Eastern Shore for the search city.

Centreville, VA

Insider since: 2010

Answered: April 13, 2018

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I assume you are looking for Senior Week, not seasonal housing. For seasonal housing, look here.

The OC Chamber of Commerce has a nice list of Senior Week apartment, condo, hotel, and motel rentals. You can access it here.

There are owners who will rent to seniors, but most of them work through rental agencies. If you want a house or apartment, checkout these two sites. I have no experience with any of these places so I can't tell you anything about them:

Various Condos:

Peaceful bay Apts (on St Louis Street):

If you want a hotel/hotel, here are some motels will rent to people under 21:

Sahara, 19th Street on the boardwalk with ocean block buildings too. Outdoor pool. A basic motel that will be clean, but will not have lots of amenities.

Beachmark, 73rd Street, outdoor pool, ocean block. A basic motel that will be clean, but will not have lots of amenities.

These are all good, basic places that I routinely recommend.

You need to ask about check-in and check-out times, property-specific regulations, security deposit requirements, who can sign the rental agreement (do you need someone over 18, 21, 25 to sign the lease). You also need to be aware that many properties have strictly enforced eviction notices in their agreements for violations of noise, alcohol, and other ordinances.

Also, be sure to checkout "Play Is Safe Ocean City" for Sr. week tips, activities, and discounts including reduced fare bus rides.