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When is the best time to go fishing for Mahi, Tuna, and Marlin in OCMD? What locations would you suggest fishing at? 

Submitted by Robert G, Bethesda Maryland on January 17, 2019
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You would need to go out with a charter boat to go after these fish. The specific times vary throughout the year and by what fish you are looking for. I suggest contacting a marina or charter captain and talking directly about what you want to do. There are lots of deep sea charter boats on OC that can help you. Start with the OCOcean Fishing Charters page. Some places with large charter fleets are:

West OC Fishing Center - 800.322.3065 - West OC, just south of Route 50

Sunset Marina 877.514.3474 - West OC near the commercial harbor  Email: office@ocsunsetmarina.com

Talbot Street Pier - 800.659.7703 - At Talbot Street and the bay

Bahia Marina - 888.575.3625 - 21st Street on the bay

Karl S.

Karl S.

Centreville, VA Answered: January 17, 2019 Insider Since 2010

These larger game fish are most prevalent in the summer when they hunt in the waters off Ocean city.  Most of these fish are 30 to 60 miles off shore.  Having caught all three, I can tell you it is a fun experience.  Your charter captain will know where they are biting..  

Savas K.

Savas K.

Hunt Valley and Ocean City Answered: January 17, 2019 Insider Since 2010

All your fishing information can be found here. This page list Marinas, boat ramps, charters and public piers.

Troy F.

Troy F.

Hanover, PA 17331 Answered: January 17, 2019 Insider Since 2008
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