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Hello Insiders! My wife and I are looking to renew our wedding vows on the beach at the end of July. I was hoping you could direct me to a business or location that you know of who could help plan this out. Thank you!
Submitted by Michael B, Kutztown, Pennsylvania January 30, 2018
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Hunt Valley and Ocean City

Insider since: 2010

Answered: January 31, 2018

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Just a note that you also do not need a marriage license to renew your vowels.  I would look into the Clarion or Carousel hotels to have the reception. 

Hanover, PA 17331

Insider since: 2008

Answered: January 31, 2018

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This page should help answer some question you have. Have a great trip in July.

Centreville, VA

Insider since: 2010

Answered: January 30, 2018

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Congratulations on your vow renewal.

Since renewing your vows is not a legal ceremony, there are no city, county, or state fees, and anyone can officiate. Costs and restrictions depend on what you want to do. If it is something as simple as a small group with a simple ceremony, you can write out the script and vows you want to use or borrow them from your church and have a friend officiate.

If want to use the beach for your event, you need to coordinate a time and location with the Mayor's Office. You can call them at 410.289.8931 to do this. There is no fee. There is more information here.

If you want something more elaborate, I'd suggest working with one of OC's wedding planning companies. They can offer you anything from just an officiant for the event to a full blown package. Here are some places that do planning and that can provide someone to officiate at your renewal:

Ocean City Wedding Pastor 410.603.9918

Beach Weddings by Rox 866.472.3012

Several Hotels also sponsor wedding packages and can help you plan your renewal of vows.  Two in particular, with links to their wedding info, are:

Princess Royal

Castle in the Sand

I suggest staying someplace near where you will have the event and that meets your group's needs. For a list of places we regularly recommend, take a look here.

Hope you have a great event!

Johnstown Pa

Insider since: 2009

Answered: January 30, 2018

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If you are looking for a minister or rabbi, etc. to perform your renewal, I would suggest finding a local church and contacting their church office.  Check this page and scroll down to places of worship for a list.

If you're looking for help doing the whole thing,  then please check out this page  It should answer all of  your questions.  Congratulations!