Interactive map



To start exploring OC using our interactive map, check out the categories tabs (located at the top) that will help you customize your search based on what you are looking for (nightlife, things to do, accommodations, etc.). Using the check boxes within each tab you can further customize your search by selecting which types of sub categories you would like to see on the map.

Selecting Items on the Map


Once you have specified your categories and narrowed your search, you will see icons appearing on the map. These icons represent locations of destinations as defined by your search categories. For more information on each location, simply click on the icons. Once you click on an icon, our map allows you to email the information to friends and family, add it to your travel planner, or re-center the map on the location if desired.

Map Controls


To zoom-in or out on our map, please see the map controls located in the upper left hand corner or the map. This will allow you to customize your view and re-position the map to your liking. Clicking and dragging also works to re-position the map.


Are you looking for a particular restaurant, shop or attraction and know the name of that location? Use the search box located above the map to find what you are looking for.

Specific Address

Know the address of where you are going or where you will be staying? You're in luck! Our map allows you to pinpoint a specific location by typing the full address of your destination. Using the "Specific Address" at the top of the map page, type in the address and viola! You can even see what other attractions are close to your destination or location.