The water sports you want.

/files/managed/images/oceancitymarylandwatersports.jpgJet Skiing, Kayaking and Canoeing

In Ocean City, you can rent almost any kind of watercraft imaginable. Race across the waves on a jet ski, or glide high above with a parasail. Kayaking and canoeing are also available, in the ocean or in the tranquil bay waters.

/files/managed/images/oceancitymarylandwatersports2.jpgSurf's up

Our waves have welcomed surfers and boogie boarders for decades. Two beaches are reserved every day for surfers; their locations rotate daily. In addition, one section of beach along the Inlet is reserved for surfers. It's open Monday through Friday during the summer, except on July 4th. 

For a list of the day's surfing locations, plus the Ocean City surf report, you can: